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Value-Added Services

FinTech Solutions for Transportation leverages decades of transportation & business services expertise to partner with you in providing innovative financial & technology solutions to maximize your profitability. We understand the stuff of business challenges we all face today as entrepreneurial business owners. We are committed to making a difference in the profitability of your business, for years to come!

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Business Insurance


We pride ourselves in evaluating your insurance needs, finding the right solutions & tailoring a package that fits your risks, and manages your exposure at an affordable cost for your business Let us quote your:

  • Commercial Truck Insurance Options

    • Auto Liability

    • Physical Damage

    • General Liability

    • Motor Truck Cargo

    • Bobtail Liability

    • Non-Trucking Liability

    • Passenger Accident

    • Breakdown/Towing & Clean-up

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Federal Excise Tax
"FET" Refund Program


We go the extra mile to:

  • Bring Profit to Your Bottom Line

  • Maximize Your Refund Opportunity

  • Collect Required Information & Data

  • Assemble Your Key Data Components

  • Review for Accuracy

  • Provide Methodologies for Validation

  • Create Electronic Acceptance

  • Process & Submit Filing Electronically

Follow the $ Possibilities

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Asset, Trailer & Load Tracking


Carriers & Brokers

​​Finally a Cost Effective Trailer/Asset & Load Tracking Solution




  • EZTrack Trailer Tracking:

    • Location, Temperature, Motion


EZCheck-In Load Tracking

  • Real-time In Route Load Visibility

  • App-less for Easy Driver Adoption

  • Every Shipment, Stop, & Workflow

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