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     The concept of FinTech Solutions for Transportation was born out of the challenge to survive in the Trucking Business!


We understand in the day to day world of what you do, that it's all about booking & covering, keeping your trucks loaded & rolling in order to meet the challenges of generating Cash Flow not only to sustain your business... but through hard work begin to grow your business, in the competitive market of trucking & transportation.

All this while navigating through the ups & downs of the economy, the pitch & roll of freight seasons... and the constant challenge of government regulations.  These all are the stuff of business challenges we each face as entrepreneurial business owners.

Our Core Values:

  • ​​Commitment: We are committed to developing & delivering services with the sole purpose of making a positive impact on your business, increasing your profitability

  • Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of integrity for our services, work product, & customer relationships, delivering on our commitments

  • Service: Best in class client service is our top priority. We believe that service excellence will produce the greatest results. We work hard for you, and commemorate your success in making a lasting difference 

  • Value: We deliver value-added services that drive profitability, boost your bottom line, and provide opportunities for growth to scale your business   

Together We Can Make A Lasting Difference!

Greg Urbanick

At FinTech Solutions we believe in doing things differently, on purpose! We're about empowering small trucking companies often perceived as the underdog, to succeed financially & compete aggressively, against the big guys. We bring experience, integrity & a passion for you to succeed in this industry

We invest in people, projects, and missions that make our community better, and bring lasting hope to those in need... because we believe in leaving a legacy of influence for a higher purpose & embrace a higher calling.

We encourage our customers, vendors, colleagues & friends to seek opportunities to make a lasting difference in the lives of people in need in your community

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